Abiding with Contemplative Awakening Art moves us far beyond looking at interesting or pretty pictures.

Awakening Art moves us beyond the narrow confines of ego limitations. It opens the simple, yet vast vistas of peace within. The oasis of inner peace opens the doorway to the whole of infinity, accessible, tangible to us in each moment.

Contemplative art offers an invitation: feel the full spectrum of aliveness as Love, aware as and in resonance as the rhythms of Light, the beauty of harmony … the limitlessness.

The paintings did not land upon the canvas to please or placate anyone, or with a thought of an aim or an audience. They arose spontaneously from a heart open as love, and love’s devotion, brilliantly clear in Presence. The colors and formations cascade from open vulnerability — they alight from the state of being wherein there is no beginning and no end.

The contemplative art offers many gifts for you. Seeing and feeling beauty uplifts us ever closer to the feeling of the beauty of holiness, the breathtaking beauty of our Creator. Awakening the remembrance of the earlier Light, beauty cocoons us — as it elevates us — and it gently protects-soothes us while it liberates us.

The contemplative art offers you ... beckons you ... to rest in the immortal nectar of nurture that fortifies you. This soft abiding opens pathways of remembrance of our Eternal Home.

To remember the Eternal Love of our Original Home Presence, is to remember our True Essence.

As you contemplate the Awakening Art, we welcome you to invoke a soft prayer: to directly feel God; to gently and profoundly feel Love; and to sacredly and happily know your unique bejeweled, diamond value.

As you abide with these paintings, your observation offers a gift to these art forms and further animates their expression of uplifting others in our world.