Without formal art training, and with no thinking or planning, Ahavah spontaneously swirls-and-twirls out these heart-warming and evocative contemplative art paintings.

The delicate immensity of Mother God Love, one with Father God Love, shimmers from her heart, through her hands, to the paper and canvas.

Each painting or drawing generally completes in four to eighteen minutes—on average about nine minutes. Each thirty seconds to a minute a new layer emerges of forms, colors, and wisdom principles known in consciousness, coming alive on canvas.

It is as if the formless Eternal Love expresses as shapes and colors, forms and images, that spark in us the remembrance of Home.

The first sketches/paintings occurred spontaneously in the fall of 2016. Feeling an immensity of divine devotion, and worshipful prayer, Ahavah felt an impulse to express on paper in art forms.

She rummaged around and found a few pieces of chalk. She dug out a few odd, six dollar pot-of-paint sets that she had tucked away on a hall shelf for when children visited. With no brushes found, she painted with her hands—a style she often uses to this day.

A few of these early creations she drew or painted with eyes closed or with her non-dominant hand.

We welcome you to immerse in the innocence, beauty and holy joy of these art creations, reflective of Home.