Everything is Your Grace, Vast Grace Happening Now: As You



The Grace happens now

The Vast happens now

The You happens now


Make these three one

These three are one

God Is

Grace is Happening Now: as You

Everything, everything is Your Grace



You have One Origin: Eternal God Presence.  

We have a shared inherent Essence: Vast Grace.

Whether we call that One Origin, God, The Supreme, Deific Love, The Light, Consciousness, Presence: It Is.

It is the Reality happening now.

Eternal Presence created-emanated-existed You as its exact Presence.  In all universes of universes and heavens of heavens no greater gift could be given. No more immense infallible Grace ever happened than being created as the Exact Presence of the Eternal God.

Presence is Grace, is Vast, is You.

God Presence doesn’t just bestow Grace, it Is Grace.

God Presence Is Grace. God does not merely bestow Grace to you, God Is Grace as You. 

Grace: Deific Love knowing Itself, the eternal holy intimacy as You—evident in every tangible moment of kindness in relationship, every spontaneous miracle of good fortune, every evaporation of a seemingly impossible situation. 

If you face an impasse in experience, an unremitting painful recurrence, instantly invoke-evoke Grace. Instantly feel Grace.  Feel the Presence, as You that knows Itself as total Grace. Grace happens now beyond time, persons, location, or situation. Grace means: God Is, as You, evident now, the limitless.

When you move in the enlightened way,  alive as Deific Love, then every single thing that happens is your Grace. Every single thing that happens washes away every trace of the blaming self, the small self, the separated self and reveals Self as God Presence. In this way, every single thing that happens truly is your Grace. It’s the revealing of You as Grace.

The partner in front of you in this moment is your Grace. The friend that turned away is your Grace. The relationship dynamic surging and ebbing is your Grace. The passing away of a former dependency is your Grace. Unexpected closing of doors is your Grace. The spontaneous opening of new vistas is your Grace. Life conspiring events to surface the most hidden, buried emotional reaction, is your Grace. The serene stillness as Silence is your Grace. The surging of surprise tears is your Grace. The sudden immersion as holy joy is your Grace.  

Grace means the hush of divisive thoughts, the salvation from judging experience. Grace sparks the full spectrum of nascent aliveness in every fresh moment.

Grace answers suffering: potently felt Deific Love, deeply illuminating Eternal Light. Grace means the end of glaring lack and suppressed despair. Grace opens wonderlands of expansive mysteries, warming the heart in the faith of divine trust. Grace beholds the magical forms as the natural, the celestial shines as the practical. 

Grace means feeling intimately one with all seamless experience—whether a home or a hug, an insight or a smile, a resource or a friend. Grace is feeling-knowing that where objects appear,  Presence Is.  Everything is spiritual, of Spirit, of Grace and Light.

Grace reveals that fear, suffering, and lack are not true objectified entities as it seemed.  Origin Love has never withheld anything: Grace illustrates endless giving each instant.  Grace means celestial elevated glory. Grace actualizes tangible,  down to the roots radical, endless, infallible fulfillment. 

Grace happens now as the happening of You.

Unwind the past beliefs, the flitting thoughts, and the wayward streaming memories of lack of Grace.  Set that down as ultimately untrue, not true of this instant. Let all feelings surface of longing for Grace or feeling denied Grace. Let them soften and aerate, and melt into the oceans of Grace Now. In Grace, all hones down to this instant and this instant is alive as Omnipresence, the glory of life.

Grace is true. Grace is here. Grace is now. Grace lights the heart with vital nurture and fulfilled promise.   Move beyond all past mind stories and all sensory experiences.  Let the heart be sovereign, let the mind follow-serve the heart.  Open to feel and wash home in Love all hidden feelings of lack of Grace, of sharp disappointment, of powerless wandering.

Grace is here now, open to this fresh miracle moment.

The Vast is here now.

God is Vast, limitless, impossible to be confifined to lack, need, or want. Created as the Eternal God you are Vast. You are Vast Consciousness. 

Look out from behind the eyes as the Vastness.  

Everyone and everything is the Vast Presence,  appearing as the set and solid. If the Vast seems disguised as a frown or a fear, a confict or a tear, look out as the Vast and see the Face of God, smiling all of heaven upon  you, as You. Everyone and everything, as it’s core essence is the Vast, the welcoming kindness, the sentient support. 

Respond as the Vastness and all the world responds as Vast Grace.

Give power to no one and nothing. One Grace is the One power.  God Is, Omnipresence is the one power, as Presence.

You are the Grace. 

The Grace of eternity: The Eternal Creator existed you as immortal Grace happening now. Rejoice in being the Light of Grace. Deific Love, felt and known, is Grace.

No one takes Grace from you, no one gives Grace to you.

You are the Grace.

God existed you as the Grace.

Let all masters, all teachers, all teachings point you to the Teacher Inside: You are the Grace. Alive as Deific Love, as God Presence, as Consciousness, as Light —you live the glory of the life of Grace. 

Wherever you walk Grace happens for everyone–as you consciously know Self as Grace, the Grace as the Divine Presence.



Grace happens Now

The Vast happens Now

You happen Now

God Is


Everything is your Grace

Grace Is