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Welcometo our community of friends and students; our global family.
We are here for you.

Ahavah Ahavah, an original name for “Eternal, unconditional Love,
deific, Presence Love,” lights the way homeward to the true nature of you, of us, of all beings.

Eternal love is real, Presence love is home.

We already have and already are love, happiness, peace, and joy;
our true nature, one with God Presence.

We see you coming here today, for you and about you.
That’s why this website presence is for you, about you, and dedicated to you.

It is our joy to be an instrument of service and grace, right here and now.

Our programs and outreach offer teachings, live classes, wisdom messages, spiritual retreats,
individual and small group mentoring, books, free global prayer events,
sacred sounds, music, original songs, art, and more.


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These illuminative books of wisdom messages, sacred texts, gems of awareness, open the way for direct experience of self as divine Presence. In gentle grace, know peace, happiness, and equanimity as the ground of being and flourishing of true life.

Published Books

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Our family of students and circle of friends, dedicated to spiritual realization and happiness for all beings, join in Classes, Events, Retreats, Global Prayer — in online presence and in-person. Class messages unify timeless teachings with spontaneous passages for those in attendance—opening the way for peace, elevation and blessings to all in our global family.

Classes & Retreats


Join countless followers of Ahavah Original Music in listening to the breathtaking vocals, exquisite tones, celestial melodies, serene elevation of spirit love and spirit life, in these breathtaking vocals, and celestial melodies…resonant of Home.

Songs & Music



Experience the Contemplative Joy of viewing artistic paintings, expressions of the beauty of Stillness, Presence and Heart—evocative of vast spirit love awareness, renewed equipoise and fresh grace in each instant.

Ahavah Art Gallery


Pearls of wisdom for inner sanctuary and flourishing life…visit the Article Library for contemplative awareness. The articles open the way of the remembrance of self as spirit, as eternal, as infinite—richly blessed to live in beauty, harmony and divinity in each moment.


Home in the Heart FoundationHOME IN THE HEART FOUNDATION

A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, the Foundation offers charitable and honorary retreats, leadership awareness, as well as free global prayer events, free support classes, discourse programs, books, and global initiatives and sharing.

HIH Foundation


Classes, Events and Retreats

On-Location and Live Online Programs

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The spiritual teachings of Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Welcome Friends

May you know abundant Grace,
that in these seemingly uncertain times
you may know unconditional Love,
a haven of peace,
in an endless wellspring
of Life from within…

….the inherent Happiness
of our true nature

Here now,
no matter what we see
around us in the scenes of life,
we live as free,
in inner sanctuary of stillness,
sharing creative innovation,
transcending beyond limitation,
Being an instrument
of blessing and Grace
to all…

We offer wisdom, teachings, and direct experiential events; that you may know inner happiness, spiritual awareness.

The Ahavah message, teachings, classes, mentoring, music, songs, evokes our true nature, evident in Grace. Wisdom teachings guide our students in a benevolent, way of life. Awake in Grace, we live a vibrant life of beauty and fulfillment.

We welcome you to join our community of friends and spiritual family, dedicated to Self realization, the enlightened way. We wish happiness for all, now; the easing of all suffering.

We share and offer local, national, and international online classes and events, as well as the ongoing creation of original books, music, art, and paintings.

The Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen Ahavah Ministry has, for over three decades, reached thousands of students, followers, and friends in 108 countries.

Morning Messages, Sacred Writings