These illuminative books of wisdom messages, sacred texts, gems of awareness, open the way for direct experience of self as divine Presence. In gentle grace, know peace, happiness, and equanimity as the ground of being and flourishing of true life.



Our family of students and circle of friends, dedicated to spiritual realization and happiness for all beings, join in Classes, Events, Retreats, Global Prayer — in online presence and in-person. Class messages unify timeless teachings with spontaneous passages for those in attendance—opening the way for peace, elevation and blessings to all in our global family.

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Join countless followers of Ahavah Original Music in listening to the breathtaking vocals, exquisite tones, celestial melodies, serene elevation of spirit love and spirit life, in these breathtaking vocals, and celestial melodies…resonant of Home.

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Experience the Contemplative Joy of viewing artistic paintings, expressions of the beauty of Stillness, Presence and Heart—evocative of vast spirit love awareness, renewed equipoise and fresh grace in each instant.



Pearls of wisdom for inner sanctuary and flourishing life…visit the Article Library for contemplative awareness. The articles open the way of the remembrance of self as spirit, as eternal, as infinite—richly blessed to live in beauty, harmony and divinity in each moment.



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The spiritual teachings of Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Welcome Friends

We are here to support
and uplift you
to join with you,
in you now knowing
the certain Love
changeless and secure…
the serene Peace,
ever springing from within…
the inherent Happiness,
the natural way of being…
Knowing Self as Presence

In knowing deifc Presence, whether
we know this as God, Holy One, Adonai,
Supreme Love, Eternal Grace, Great Spirit,
The Christ, The Light, Vast-Emptiness-Fullness,
Tao, Buddha Nature, The Absolute, Awareness….

This Eternal Presence
Is our Home

And no matter what we see around us
or in the scenes of life
Or what seems to be experienced
In the body-mind

We have the grace now
To live and as Presence
In Grace, Happiness and Peace

In innocence, completion, and liberation,
in the flourishing gardens of inner peace…
We live as free,
being and sharing
the space of stable sanctuary,
the infinite place of sacred Light….
revealing the clear intelligence
and ever-alive Glory of God
in the world, now
Being a sacred instrument
of blessing….upon blessing

We are here to illumine the inner happiness and peace that is your natural way of being. We offer wisdom, teachings, direct experiential events, that you may know gentle, instantaneous and direct experience of God Presence.

The word Ahavah,
in ancient scripture writings
means “Love” —
the eternal Deific Love
in and as which,
the Creator created us as.

The Ahavah message, teachings, ministry and music, evokes direct experience of God Presence, the Original Presence you still exist as. This reveals peace, freedom and authentic response in each instant of life experience.

Eternal Love is true love; the real ground of being, here now.

Deific Love, far beyond sentiment or affection, awakes as the remembrance of Home — a gentle knowing of changeless, seamless kindness with each arising experience.

Living as awareness, as supportive intelligence, supercedes and dissolves the former habit of heavy thinking, limiting conditioning and suffering. Awake as the conscious heart-way of higher spiritual intelligence —opens the way for harmony within and with the surroundings.

As Presence, we greet-welcome the spark of Light, of spirit Life, in all beings. We engender a benevolent, creative, harmonious way of life.

Unconditional happiness blossoming gently in the heart, illumines the full spectrum of aliveness in each moment of relationship, service, creating and daily life.

Gentle, compassionate awareness happens as moment to moment experience— fresh, holy, vibrant, nurturing, limitless and free.

We welcome you to join our spiritual family, dedicated to spiritual realization of self and all beings. We wish happiness for all and the alleviation of suffering for all.

We share/offer local, national, and international online classes and events, as well as the ongoing creation of original books, original music, original art/paintings that spark the divine light remembrance within. Thus far, the Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen, Ahavah Ministry has reached students, followers and friends in 108 countries, in all walks of life and spiritual disciplines, and is ever extending it’s offerings of grace.

We express gratitude for all within our ministry circle, and we share appreciation for all living beings in our planetary experience who dedicate this life to reveal the eternal love, peace, and sacred intelligence — and show forth the glory of God Presence each moment.

May You Be Blessed and Know Happiness



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