Our heart is for you, those in your circle of awareness, and all sentient beings in this planetary experience together. We are dedicated that all know, not just in thought or wish or theory — actually, tangibly, know and live— the happiness and peace of spiritual realization, Home in the Heart.

The message, teachings, direct experience
and outreach of Home in the Heart Foundation
serves as a friend and clear remembrance of inner truth,
of God Presence, the eternal origin Love
for all persons, pathways, faiths and religions

Home means changeless spirit Presence, one with Creator. Home in the Heart means living as our divine nature, creating a world of compassion and peace. Heart means the essential self, the true and pure essence of spirit life.

Our messages, teaching, and ministry support direct awareness of God Presence as a moment by moment lived reality. The heart, or essential essence, already knows (and thus remembers, or comes alive as) as deific love.

We understand the challenges, pain, and suffering of relationships, family and world instability. We are here with you, to walk through and rise beyond unprecendented levels of humankind’s existential and relational disconnection and aloneness.

We wish all beings to live the sacred birthright of spiritual heritage, to understand the deeper meanings of scripture, to know the miraculous grace and glory as lived by Christ, as lived by the saints and sages of the trustworthy traditions. We support realization in the underlying unifying themes of religions coming alive in this era. The unifying themes involve: the undeniable depth of direct experience of God Presence, simultaneously revealed in the washing away of a separate sense of self, or egoic identity. The personal sense of self dies, and Christed Life, spirit Life, non-duality Life, Consciousness, pure Love, its Life. This Life always was and is our true essence. In the core heart of the mystical traditions, the subject-object relation melts into the vast awareness of being one with and as God Presence.

In Home in the Heart Foundation we address the deeper true issue: existential suffering and the true answer that is deep enough and lasting—spiritual realization. In this hour of humanity, the immediacy of answers have to reach far beyond a fleeting patch up, or unsatisfying hollow distraction, that perpetuates materialism and endless searching for objectified happiness.

Beyond seeking: come Home, be Home. Know self as you were created. Beyond the judgments of the mind, and conflicts of the emotions, rest in serene, gentle, and infinite awareness of the Heart.

We address the core root of happiness, of deific love, of washing suffering into compassion.

Home in the Heart Foundation,
evokes gentle, compassionate spiritual realization
for each being and all beings in the here-now,
home in the Grace and unconditional
happiness, love and peace of God Presence

Judeo-Christian based, while inclusively unifying the underlying core message, teachings, and path of all religions, we offer the path to the pathless path: still already Home in spirit Life.

We are still Home in the Heart, still one with Creator and our essential nature.

Deeply Touching Hearts and Lives
Through Direct Experience



We welcome you to join the growing Home In The Heart Family bringing a new inner peace and solidarity in the world.

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We welcome you to join us in investing in spiritual life, peace and happiness now, and in a real and everlasting way. As you read the messages and practice the spiritual teachings of this Foundation, (and/or other traditions) your dedication blesses all sentient beings. In offering a financial contribution donation you directly become a vital part of others receiving and living teachings that illumine spiritual life, and alleviate suffering.

In contributing, you support the offering of and distribution of charitable teachings, books, programs, audio and scholarships. In addition, your giving opens the way for prolific expansions that impact our world globally toward peace, family, community, and living a common ground of compassion, sharing, and cooperative innovation.

Legacy Funding: We offer Legacy Funding, which means the capacity for you to invest in an eternal contribution spiritually, as well as have your name placed as an honorary benefactor, one making possible a global creative work. If you wish, you may have an active role in designating the book, song, or video created, as well as it’s theme and it’s population reach in the world.

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Our Current and Recent Ministry Expressions:

Spiritual Realization Retreats, Teachings, Classes and Meditations

Spiritual Books, Charitable Contributions of Books

Spiritual Awareness and Alleviation of Suffering Through Original Music and SoundHealing Abuse of Women and all Beings

Free Discourse Programs

Class & Audio Program Scholarships

Free Global Prayer Weekends and Ongoing Prayer Programs

Program for Eternal Life: support for those with illness or end stage of life

Spiritual Art, Paintings that Elevate Spiritual Awareness

Now and Upcoming Outreach Expressions:

The Foundation is in the process of creating the following:
Book Libraries (print and free books online offered in digital media)
Music Libraries (spiritual songs, original sounds, and audios)
Teaching Libraries
Video Libraries
Global Initiatives for Healing the Abused
Ministry for Children
Support for Animals

Vision of the Foundation:

The Vision of Home in the Heart Foundation involves widespread support for millions of sentient beings in a deep and lasting way—spiritual realization that in turn blesses their loved ones, families, communities and nations. The global initiatives include persons, families, communities, and planetary globe.

Experience of God Presence,
inner calm and consistent unconditional deific Love,
clear understanding of sacred wisdom teachings,
lived each moment and shared in a giving way of life

The Vision includes retreat centers of stillness, meditation, solitude, regeneration and spiritual study. In addition, we are creating virtual media libraries of teachings and forums of direct experience, as well as charitable distributions of these materials in printed form.

Upcoming ministry includes public speaking, teaching/prayer/meditation events.

Home in the Heart Foundation addresses the core need of humankind to move beyond beliefs of separation and dogmas of division, to a trusthworthy depth of awareness, caring, and unification.

What We Offer

– Prolific Free Teachings, Books, Audio Messages, Online Book Library

– Global Outreach, Training/Elevation of Spiritual and World Leaders
(Online and at Retreat Center, Florida US.)

– Global Classroom and Sacred Land Centers for In-Person Interactives

– Forums for Grace: The Direct Experience of Deific Love

– Addressing the Core Cause of Suffering: Perceived separation
From God, to live as Eternal Love, The Light of Consciousness

– Melting Divisive Judgments, Revealing the Unifying Principle and Presence
In families, religions, teachings and “paths”

– Restoring the True Heart of Christ Teachings, Presence, Consciousness

– Opening Direct Experience of the Underlying Deific Love & Wisdom

At the core mystical-sacred-essential heart of all Paths

We appreciate you and your contributions,
may you be warmly blessed in your giving