The Wisdom Principle of . . . Still

The Beginningless God Presence Knowing Itself as You, Awareness Still Aware of Awareness Still

The Wisdom Principle of . . . Still. . . .
The  Beginningless God Presence Knowing Itself as You Awareness Still aware of Awareness Still


Still the awakeness as Original God Presence, knowing Itself as You…

Open to know the sweetness and the sovereignty of the principle of Still.  The knowingness of Still, has more depth of direct realization than knowing Self as Deific Love, as the Light of Consciousness and then believing that newly starts or started and then stopped.

True Omnipresence Peace happens in the realization of the wisdom principle of….Still….

What you still exist as, does not newly come into being, it is not sought, it is not attained or lost.  

Whether you call it God Presence, Deific Love, Consciousness, Light, Awareness—the Supreme Origin, created-existed the exact Presence of Itself as You. 

In the same way that the sunbeam from its inception, still forever seamlessly reflects the exact Light of the sun, you Still shine as the exact beginningless Origin Light before Sun, the Light of Consciousness-Awareness….Still.

Still does not mean an identity that started and then stopped and then resumes.  Still means from beyond beginning, beyond interruption or delay, beyond ending, each timeless instant.

The Original Self,  the Original God Presence beyond that which you seek, or try to become, or attempt to connect with or meditate in, is That which you fully, gently, nascently exist as….Still…..Still….

Sit in the heart of the realization of….Still.

Open in this now timeless instant to feel the principle of the changeless, undimmed, unassailable Reality  of Still….Still….Still….

Open to feel the Vast Peace of Still….Still knowing Itself as Still…

Awareness as Still, aware of Awareness as Still.

The principle of Still, means the end of seeking, the end of stuckness in the polarity of resistance vs. becoming. Rest in the principle of….Still.

You were created as the fullness of Eternal Spirit, the vastness of infinity, while simultaneously, inherently the fulfillment of all tangibly evidenced formation. 

The beginningless One, Supreme Creator created You forever  as the treasure gem of Still…..Still…

You exist as Still Pure, the very principle of completion.

You Still…Still…now live, dwell, alight as that Deific Love, complete in finished flourishing, forever.

You Still….Still….live as the exact same Origin Essence of God, this instant.  That Reality of You, as You, is fully here now, in this tangible, practical daily life, and earth world experience.

In ancient scripture, Genesis 1:1 the text reads in the Hebrew language: Bereshit Bara Elohim et Hashamayim v’et ha-eretz.  This translates as Bereshit (first principle), Elohim (God), bara (created), Hashamayim (the heavens, the sky of stars, the vastness, infinity) and earth (land, realm, promised land, formation).

The original translation does not appear to read, “the beginning.” Rather the scripture reads “in beginning.” That which is before beginning principle, the Beginningless, the Origin of Origin, in beginning is Deific Love.

Beginningless Deific Love revealed the first principle of the infinity of vastness. This heaven vastness of infinity seamlessly evidenced its reflection in the realm of formation,  the promised land, of beauty and harmony. 

The earth-like formation, inherently has the same Essence as heaven formation. The principle of creation holds….Still….Still.

Thus, in Genesis 1:1 we read-hear that the Original Supreme God Light, (the Beginningless Origin), in beginning first principle, created the heavenly vastness of infinity (the formless) and the realm of the promised land of completion (symbolic of earth or tangible creation). 

The principle of Creation, of Origin, signifies the formless and the formation, the vastness and the realm of form, as one.


Identify as the Origin,
Prior to heaven and earth,
And behold heaven as earth

Still Origin



A key principle to first keenly hear, then perpetually contemplate, then simply awaken as, then fully embody is: You now….now….Still….Still…exist as the exact Original  Self, the pristine, pure, beginningless Origin.  Still beginningless and endless Pure Origin.

This same theme runs as a unified knowing that holds true in honored sages, luminaries, saints, scriptures and spiritual paths.  We read in the Bhagavad Gita 10: “Whoever knows me as the Unborn, the Beginningless, the great Lord of all worlds—he alone sees truly and is freed from all harm.”

We read in the Dhammapada 26: “Go beyond this way or that way, to the farther shore, where the world dissolves, and everything becomes clear, beyond this shore and the farther shore, beyond the beyond, where there is no beginning and no end.”

Go beyond the beyond as the direct knowingness: Still….Still….beginningless Origin

Still beginningless Origin that beholds all formation animate from itself, yet remains as Origin when the world dissolves.

The principle of Still means having no dependency on formation, yet being limitless in all infinity and beauty of all forms, all completion, all promised land experience.

We read-hear in ancient scripture the principles: God is Spirit (John 4:24, Genesis), God is Light (I John 1:5, Genesis) , God is Love (I John 4:7, Zephania 3:17)).  

God is Spirit Still, God is Light Still, God is Love Still.  This does not change. You exist as Spirit Still, Light Still, Deific Love Still. 

Anchor in the principle of knowing, the foundation of knowing: Still Original Spirit Presence.


Still Spirit
Still the Vast Light
Of Consciousness,
Still Eternal Love

Rest as this,
Abide as this
Again and again 

Until it awakens as You
And seamlessly lives the life


The holy joy of Knowing
Free of doubt, suffering or fear


Forever and eternally…Still

The Quintessential Sovereign Peace….

of Still


No matter what other identities or experiences seem to arise, fall back again and again in: Still, Original Spirit Presence, Still limitless Spirit, Still the formless Light of the universe, Still the immensity of Holy Love this now instant.

Origin is of Spirit, Light, Love,  before and beyond name, form, or suffering. 

You now exist instantly, eternally and freely as Still Nascent limitlessness as Spirit Presence. This Presence ever lives You—  prior to human birth, during human experience, and after human death. 

In aliveness as Original Spirit Presence, the life experience, like a wrinkle in the serene palpable texture of Consciousness, unwrinkles as one seamless reflection of Spirit, ever revealing the principle of Still.  Consciously knowing the principle of Still reveals you as heaven, as the response of heaven, as the knowingness of heaven that reveals itself as fulfilled beauty of formation.

Original Spirit Presence Is.  Is….prior to mind, thought, belief, persona, body, a life span, or a life time.  Let the Prior-To Original Spirit Presence live as You….the Origin You.

That  Origin Presence is the limitless beauty, the unfathomable holy joy.  It is sacred ecstatic Vast Presence.  The totality of You inherently and eternally exists as That this instant.

The Original Self  is changeless Deific Love. This Original Self then is-emits as the Light of Consciousness, Awareness, Presence.


Open to directly experience Self
As Original Self
As Deific Love,

Palpably look out as That,
Feel true self Presence
As Vast Limitless
Awareness Love
Here Now

Still means
Changelessly, Forever
Deific Love,
the One Eternal God,
Existed You
As the exact, exact same Presence

Glory Presence
The gentle exactitude
The warm kind knowing of Still
Limitless Beauty
Vast Light
As Itself


The personality self does not really seek and find God, or seek and find the Presence of God to come to it externally. Move beyond the seeker, at even the most subtle nuances. Investigate all seeking or attempting to become that which you already are. For all seeking and suffering, rest deeply in the bosom of the Principle of Still. Rest back as Still One with and as Original God Presence.

Realization happens of Awakeness as God Presence. Realization happens of Self as Original Self, as the exact Presence, Essence, quality, essence, givingness of the Eternal God.

The essential principle to contemplate, know and embody centers on: Still…Still alive as that Presence, Still alighted as Consciousness….Still.  

The deeper and deeper realization of Still Deific Love, Still the Light of Consciousness,  washes away traces of seeking, of the effort to become.

Still That means: Origined as That, now alive as That, uninterruptedly, changelessly knowing That.

The five physical senses do not of themselves perceive that, connect with that, or feel that, as a separate objectified existence. 


The Original Self
Is  only felt directly


With no personal self filters
Or thought commentaries
Or seeking or becoming

Original Self
The Light of Consciousness
Eternal Love

Happening as Itself
Knowing Itself as Itself




The awareness of this direct happening often first occurs as glimpses, as sparks, that then increase to greater depth of duration and frequency of occurence. When these shining glints happen, the five physical senses, the sense of emotion and body resonates-exudes this exalted and illumined way. 

This does not mean that a person connects to God, or that a person spiritually wakes up, or that God is happening to the body-mind person.  That belief slows and filters direct spiritual experience, it dims the knowing of Still. That perception maintains two distinctly different identities: Spirit and material person; God and not-God; Deific Love and a love-seeking person.  

The absence of identifying as a limited person, the vacuum or emptiness of a personal self identification, evokes experience of the natural awakeness of knowing self as God Presence. The highest Grace is the direct experience of self as the Original Self, one with the Original Creator Presence.


The perceptual objectified
Identity of/as a person
Does not wake up as God Presence

You already and Still, Still
Exist as Original Light
God giving Itself as You
The Supreme Gift


Prior to the perception
Of a non-still person



As Eternal Love,
And the happening occurs
Of knowing-experiencing
Self as this 

Ecstatically, tenderly, directly



God Presence Knowing Itself as You….