The Reality of Love

Deific Love as the Way of Being in Life and Relationship

We have heard the expression: “Love heals all things.”

This comes from a perspective that an inner “me” is separate from an outer “other.” And if a “me” loves an “other” or an “other” loves a “me” then something heals. However, this does not reach deeply into the root of changing love, fallible love, and unreliable love.

As long as there are two beings attempting human love it will prove unreliable.

First see that human love is conditional. Though we may wish to love unconditionally, from even the slightest perspective of separation from God, from Eternal Love, from each other, love will be conditional.

The way of Grace and miracles occurs by first simply authentically seeing this. See how unconditional love does not really happen, see the conditions of love that we place upon each other. Really see how the love feeling or affection feeling changes within you or another. Be authentic with this.

Then, open deeply for the direct experience of Deific Love.

Beyond a person feeling Deific Love, which really cannot truly happen, open to feel self directly as Original Deific Love. This happens not through a person or personality or personal self, this happens in the absence of identifying as a personal self.

As aliveness as the Original Deific Love, the Reality of Unconditional Love, the person or personality will then reflect this, seamlessly. However, Unconditional Love does not originate from a person in a sense of separation.

Unconditional Deific Love Is, and it is the Reality of You.


The Reality of Love knows Itself as You

Love “heals” by revealing the non-power, the non-presence of lovelessness. Lovelessness is a temporary program, from the model of suffering and separation, Eternal Love is an immutable Reality.

Love’s “healing” happens by Love’s gently stellar “revealing” of Itself as already changelessly and immensely Present—here now.

As the changeless, quiet Love Aware of Itself—as silent aliveness, we observe the objectified forms appearing in front of us. Looking out as this Love Presence we see persons in front of us, and still remain as this Eternal Love, knowing Itself everywhere it looks.

Abiding as Love Presence, no matter what happens, we observe situations rise and fall and dissolve into this same background of Love Aware of Itself. When the Background of Love—always there beneath any hurt or experience of seeming lack of love—becomes the felt Foreground of Identity, then we experience freedom from suffering, searching and seeking.

This Foreground of Deific Love is the Eternal God Presence, the Naturally Way.

What keeps us from living as the Reality of Love each moment?

The personalized “me” and “mine” affection and sentiment rises and falls, and changes. It may change from love to hate, from affection to distance, from assurance to anxiety. Human based love is often influenced by the desire to love, along with the desire to be loved. This conditional love may one day leave us, or we may wind up unfulfilled, longing for approval. Fearing rejection, or frustrated in establishing more intimate bonding, we may attempt to control to “keep love”.

However, as Deific Love, we exist as the non-seeking Giving Love, as the Omnipresent Infinity of Being.


This Tangible-Celestial Love
Is the Reality and Way of Being,
The Tender Quieting

The Ecstatic Beholding
Love Aware of Itself
Vast Consciousness, Original Love
The Eternal Beauty
Pure One
Free One


The Love Body

The Reality of Love goes far beyond what we typically think of as love.

Personal-self-based love devolves into attachment and dependencies. We tend to resist what we feel dependent upon. Even when the relationship seems close and loving it may harbor unconscious deals, and escape habits that hide the real issues. Thus, relationship becomes a hiding place of familiarity and dependency at the expense of fresh spontaneity and authentic self insight.

If authentic spiritual illumination is not happening, the mind stories stain the relationship. The mental limiting perceptions of one another generates repetitive, historical relationship monologues and dialogs.

Open for relationship to serve as a forum for spiritual realization.

Rather than attempting to gain love in relationship, allow relationship to serve as an emptying of ego, of personal self, of lovelessness. See, impartially and honestly see-feel, the conditions placed upon love. Sensitively feel the existential pain of conditional love and allow that pain to spark a passion to be, be, alive as Deific Unconditional Love. Let the heart break open, open to spiritual realization.

No person can do this. An opening happens to empty of a personal self identity, to know self as One with God Presence, as the Reality of Love. The capacity deepens to remain as that in the messiest of relationship moments.

When someone says or does something that stirs inner pain, pause in that moment. Take attention away from the person or relationship interaction. Look attentively, as Presence Awareness, to see what happens inside.

Let all attention rest upon what happens inside. Dying into, coming alive as Deific Love, the emotional charges fade and evaporate. In the Light of this inner stillness, the way opens for more gentle, soft unification in relationship. The stillness within becomes the stillness in relationship and thus inner and outer reveal themselves as seamlessly One Love.

As the Reality of Love, we miraculously triumph as Love knowing Itself in the face of the most messy and painful of moments. Then the painful moments open the way for deeper spiritual realization.

Then we see the former repetitive patterns dissolve. Without this spiritual principle and intelligence, we unwittingly wake up (fall asleep) in the same relationship, the same sense of self, the same life situation, each day. It does not “keep happening to us”, yesterday’s consciousness re-creates the same experience until we shift in consciousness. The true shift is to know Self as Consciousness Itself, as Deific Love Itself, and remain, remain as That, knowing Love Itself living You.

Until deeper spiritual realization happens, we maintain the past hurts and the existential suffering in our biology, in our neurological system, in our cellular patterning. In this separation model we believe the body to be solid, physical and unchanging. Interrupting the pattern of loveless moments means moving beyond the belief of being a separate body-mind in a world of separate others. We come alive as the Love Body, knowing the true body as the Light of Consciousness.

In illumined experience we see Self as Presence and we see-feel-know the Deific Love Presence as the true light where each being, thing or object appears.

We then move from the self-focused persona to the Unconditioned Existence, the Deific Love that is the elevated essence and form of all of Life.

Rather than investing precious moments in a belief system of limiting love, invest in being the eternal legacy of the Reality of Love. Fear-based patterns evaporate as we welcome (enfold, dissolve) the desire-craving for love (the belief love is lacking), as well as dissolve the aversions to rejection (also the same belief that love is lacking). Love cannot be withheld or given like an object or commodity of exchange. Love Is.

In the Reality of Love, as the eternal Love Body, Real Love expresses as spontaneous and intricately fresh in the endless, timeless now instant.

The Love Body expresses as vital life, that lights up each waking moment. This reflects as the calm of inner happiness, and the coherent rhythms of love in the animation of the body.


The Reality of Love—Ever Safe and Free

It’s humanly primal to believe: if “I am smiled at I am safe”, if “I am loved I am safe”; if “there is a frown I am unsafe”, if “I am disapproved of I am unsafe”.

Disapproval triggers the human fight or flight system, in the same way (though more subtle and mild) as a bear chasing us in the woods or a near-collision in traffic. Conditioned belief doesn’t distinguish the difference between actually experiencing a fearful situation, or just thinking about the potential occurrence. As long as we identify as a separate self, fear arises as the core of that self. All suffering stems from this belief of existential separation from Origin Love, from God Love. This fear of disappearing, of having no value, of being “nothing” underlies loveless interactions.

In the Reality of Love, no disapproval or fear exists. No need for approval exists. The polarity of approval vs. disapproval evaporates. Love Is Changeless Presence.

We exist as the sweet perfume of quiet simple bliss when the personality self, the fear based self, rests as “nothing”, unveiling the Deific Love Presence. We remember … we come home … and see we always have been Home.

Changeless Eternal Love—the only truly “safe” place. Safe and Free.

Love Is.


From Mercurial Love to Changeless Unconditioned Love

Is love mercurial? Does love change?

Attachment changes, personal love changes, sentiment love changes, thought-based love changes.

Abiding as Eternal Love this changing “noise” dissolves into the changeless Quieting Love. Being the Quieting Presence, the depths of Eternal Love, this Love Is All and fulfills All.


The Quieting Deific Love
Does not change
It is safe and free
It is trustworthy and certain
It is Love Knowing Itself
The Eternal Quieting Love,
is the Reality of Love
Fulfilling each leaping instant
Revealing the bliss of completion
Heaven as earth


Beyond duality, fear, and conditioning, Eternal Love is Unconditioned and Unconditional. We hold a gentle, unmoving stand as this Changeless Love, until that stand takes a life of its own and grants us wings to fly forever free in the poignant elegant glory of Love.

Rather than relating person to person, thought to thought, emotional charge to emotional charge, broken wing to broken wing—relate Heart to Heart, Spirit to Spirit, Causeless Love to Causeless Love, Consciousness to Consciousness, Spirit to Spirit, Infinity to Infinity, Innocence to Innocence, Deific Love to Deific Love.

As Presence, look out at another and know-feel the Reality of Quieting Eternal Love, God Presence Love … One with You … looking back as You.

Deific Love sees Deific Love.

The Reality of Love.



Warm Blessings From My Heart,

Mother Ahavah

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen